Guernsey Republican Club Meeting Minutes of December 13, 2016

Guernsey Republican Club Meeting Minutes of December 13, 2016

President Robert Morris opened the meeting with a welcome and invocation. Mayor Tom Orr led the pledge to the flag.  This being the club’s annual Christmas Party, a brief recess allowed members to enjoy dinner provided by Mr. Lee’s restaurant.

The meeting resumed and the minutes of the November meeting were approved as written.  Copies of the treasurer’s report were available and filed for audit.

The nomination of Officers for the 2017 year were presented as follows:

President –                    Robert Morris

Vice President – Sheila Cochran

Secretary –                   Mike Segrest

Treasurer –                   Nelson Roe

There were no other nominations from the floor and nominations were closed.  The nominees received a unanimous vote from the membership and the required quorum present.

The members expressed appreciation to the outgoing Secretary Susan Smith and the outgoing Treasurer Gayle Heinton for their dedication and service to the club.


Congressman Johnson

United States Representative Bill Johnson acknowledged the outstanding opportunities ahead under the leadership of President Elect Trump and a majority of Republicans in the congress.  Johnson expressed the need for patience as the tasks before the congress and the country are enormously challenging and will take time and the cooperation of both political parties and their constituencies.



State Senator Balderson

Ohio Senator for the 20th District Troy Balderson expressed gratitude for the opportunity extended to him to serve Ohio as both a Representative and a Senator.  Balderson offered a historical summary leading up to and including the birth of Jesus Christ which is the reason for Christmas.




Members in attendance

Additional attending elected officials recognized by the club included: [alphabetical order]

Judge Craig Baldwin, 5th District Court of Appeals

Judge David Bennett, G.C. Probate & Juvenile Court

Tony Brown, G.C. Auditor

Teri Dankovic, G.C. Clerk of Courts

Skip Gardner-G.C. Commissioner

Suellen Johnson, Cambridge City Auditor

Tom Orr, Cambridge City Mayor

Colleen Wheatley, G.C. Recorder

Several items were offered to promote the Republican Club Scholarship program by Chinese auction.  The items were distributed to winning ticket holders.

The members donated toys to the Secret Santa program which were delivered by Dave McKim.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:30pm.

Republican Club Meeting on November 15, 2016

Republican Club Meeting on November 15, 2016
President Robert Morris opened the meeting by asking Vice President Sheila Cochran to give the invocation.  All then stood and said the pledge to the American Flag.
The minutes for the October meeting were read.  A motion by Robert Heinton and seconded by Skip Gardner was made to approve the minutes.  The minutes were accepted.
Treasurer Gayle Heinton gave the financial report.   At the headquarters,  Trump hats, buttons, pins and shirts were for sale.  The profit made will go into the scholarship fund.  Gayle thanked the fellas who helped with this project.
Darrel Fawcett gave the report for Republican Central Committee.  He expressed, WE WON!
Commissioner Skip Gardner quickly added, We are fortunate to be with the Republican Party.  Joel and Sarah Blue were elated when the news was received of Joel’s victory in the race for Guernsey County Prosecutor.
Terri Dankovic, Guernsey County Clerk of Courts, appreciated the support of everyone in her re-election.   Her staff will assist Joel in learning the correct procedures.
Visitors to the meeting introduced themselves.
Our Christmas Party will be held on Tuesday, December 13, at Mr. Lee’s.  The letter of invitation will be sent by Gayle after Thanksgiving.  Bring an unwrapped toy for Secret Santa.
Items from the Republican Headquarters will be removed at 10:30am tomorrow.
Darrel Fawcett said he applied to get tickets to Donald Trump’s inauguration.   A possible bus trip to the inauguration was mentioned.  After discussion, Terri Dankovic will work on the details and then an email can be sent to let folks know.
Bob Heinton prepared a presentation on the Electoral College.  First, he asked us questions to see what we knew.  Bob gave facts about the Electoral College.  Ohio will have 16 electors.
A nominating committee was charged with selecting a slate of officers for 2017.  On the committee is Skip Gardner, Bob Heinton and Ed Freeze.
Robert Morris said the benediction.
In December, the Christmas Party will be held in place of our monthly meeting.
Submitted by,
Susan Smith, Secretary

Republican Club Meeting On October 18, 2016

President Robert Morris welcomed everyone to the meeting.  Dave Wilson gave the invocation and then the group said the pledge to the American Flag.  The long minutes for the August 16 meeting were read.  Ed Freeze moved to accept the minutes, and Tom Orr seconded the motion.  The minutes were approved.
Gayle Heinton presented the treasurer’s report.  The club has been selling political buttons as we prepare for November’s election.  They have been going fast.  The money earned will be given to the Scholarship fund.
Tom Orr, Guernsey County Republican Party Chairman, thanked everyone for working hard.  People have been staffing the Headquarters.  Tom has had many contacts as we are trying to stay on top of all the happenings.  Joel Blue’s big election is important, and we need to continue to work to elect him.  Several helped including Sandra Miller to fill all the central committee positions.  The enthusiasm of those who worked in the Guernsey County Fair Booth was appreciated.
Commissioner Skip Gardner reminded us how important it is to help Joel Blue as he is running for Guernsey County Prosecutor.  Skip stated the prosecutor’s office works very closely with the commissioners.
Joel Blue gave an update on how his campaign is progressing.  He is thankful for the advice others who have run for office give him.

Robert Morris & Ed Freeze

Robert gave the president’s report.  Many people have come to the headquarters and signs are in short supply.  The front windows of the building have been grazed by a sharp instrument over the weekend.  Robert thanked Gayle Heinton and Darrell Fawcett for all they have been getting done.  A certificate of appreciation was presented to Ed Freeze because of the hours he has volunteered in supporting the club.



Robert Morris, Judge David Gormley, Joel Blue, Judge Craig Baldwin

The president then introduced our guest speaker.  Judge David Gormley is on the Court of Common Pleas in Delaware County and is running as Judge for the 5th District Court of Appeals.  He has trial experience and his opponent has no trial judge experience.  He was the judge who defended Ohio when folks tried to remove In God We Trust as our Ohio State Motto.  He showed the size of the 5th District Court of Appeals on an Ohio map.  He takes part in a program that brings a judge together periodically to talk with inmates currently serving time.

Judge Craig Baldwin spoke to us.  Currently, Judge Baldwin serves on the 5th District Court of Appeals and is campaigning with Judge Gormley.  Both advocate adhering to the Constitution and not legislating from the bench.
Robert Morris gave the benediction.  The next Republican Club meeting will be held on November 15 at Mr. Lee’s Family Restaurant at 7:00pm.

Breakfast with Judge Pat Fischer

Judge Pat Fischer was hosted at a Campaign breakfast in Cambridge at Mr. Lee’s Restaurant.  Friday, October 14th, 2016 Judge Fischer is a Candidate for the Ohio Supreme Court, Please support him when you vote November 8.  Judge Pat Fischer is “the real thing”!  One of his many outstanding merits is to “follow the law and […]

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Pictures with “The Donald”

Here are a few pictures with “The Donald”  taken at the Fair and at our Headquarters.  

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Breakfast With Joel Blue

On Friday September 30, 2016 we held a well attended “Breakfast with Joel Blue” Candidate for Guernsey County Prosecutor. The breakfast was by many local elected officials and people from around Guernsey County.

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Headquarters is now Reopened

Our Headquarters is now open at 511 Wheeling Ave. Cambridge. This is the same location as the last 2 years. Plans for now are to be open Monday to Fridays 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. We will have it open for longer hours and more days as volunteers become available. We hope that you will stop by for signs […]

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Reagan Day Picnic

Our Guest speaker for the Reagan Day Picnic was Ohio Attorney General, Mike DeWine Here are some highlights of his speech along with pictures from an exciting evening. In the eight years President Obama will be in office he will have appointed 1/2 of all federal judges. Ohio still relies on coal for our energy […]

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Senator Rob Portman Headquarters Visit

Unites States Senator Rob Portman visited our Headquarters at 511 Wheeling Ave, Cambridge, on Saturday August 20, 2016. He arrived at 5:30 pm for a one hour visit. During his visit he cut the ribbon officially opening our headquarters. A great time was had by the many people attending.  

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Republican Vice President Candidate in Cambridge

Vice President Candidate Mike Pence visited Cambridge on Wednesday August 10, 2016. The link below is to a U-Tube Vedio of the speech given to an enthusiastic crowd. Vice President Candidate Mike Pence Speech  

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