Lincoln Day Dinner

Our Lincoln Day Dinner will be March 15th. Information is now posted and can be seen by clicking the link to the right.

February 2017 Club Meeting

21 February 2017


Guernsey County Republican Club Meeting Minutes 

7:01 PM – President Robert Morris called the meeting to order. Commissioner David Wilson delivered the invocation and President Morris led the club in the Pledge of Allegiance.

President Morris then gave a brief report about the scholarship committee and it was noted that the scholarships are completely funded for 2017.

Vice President Sheila Cochran raised a question with the club about future meeting space with a more reliable Wi-Fi available. The club has the potential to bring in higher profile speakers, given the proper set up, but no official motion was made.

Treasurer Nelson Roe then gave his report on the state of the club finances, within which contained two new points of action to be taken. The first being Treasurer Roe’s belief that it is necessary to separate the club general fund and a scholarship funded into separate accounts. It was decided that Treasurer Roe would get more information and report back to the club with the steps needing to be taken. The second was the need to purchase a laptop for the club to facilitate independent and durable accounting and provide better A/V support for club meetings. It was decided that the officers would a couple of quality options and present them to the club. Gayle Heinton moved that a search for a laptop be initiated with options being presented to the club at the next meeting. County Recorder Colleen Wheatley seconded that motion and it passed unanimously at 7:11PM.

Secretary Michael Segrest, having made the minutes available prior to the meeting, presented them for approval. Mrs. Heinton made the motion for approval and Board of Elections Director Sandra Miller seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously at 7:12 PM. Secretary also presented mock ups of the logo design and business card design, with no criticism of either, the design will be completed and presented for approval.

Elected Officials in attendance were then invited to speak:

County Prosecuting Attorney Joel Blue spoke about his transition into the job and said that it was going well. The office was working through the backlog created by the transition and an Assistant Prosecutor was hired, who will be focusing on implementing cost saving methods.

Director Miller stated there would be no primary elections this spring, as no one filled to challenge, and that everyone that did file, was certified.

City Councilman Bryan Conaway said that the primary focus, at the moment, is the 2017 budget. He also added his praise to the development that was going on downtown that Mayor Tom Orr spoke about in the previous meeting.

Commissioner Wilson spoke briefly about new State and Federal provisions that will cost the county some revenue and impose some additional costs. He praised the his colleagues in the commissioner’s office for setting a standard of prudence with previous oil and gas revenue, that should help carry them through these changes.

Recorder Wheatley said that her office was seeing increased activity and that the Northeast portion of the county was especially seeing increased interest.

Recorder Wheatley then gave the report for the Central Committee. The Lincoln Day Dinner will be held Wednesday March 15, social hour beginning at 5:30pm, at the Guernsey County Senior Center. The cost will be $25 and it will be necessary to RSVP by March 13. The guest speaker will be State Auditor and candidate for Secretary of State Dave Yost. If you would like to provide items for the Chinese Auction, you can drop them off at Recorder Wheatley’s office anytime before the event.

Michael, Sheila, Craig, Robert, and Nelson

Vice President Cochran then introduced our special guest speaker: Craig Brown, who has been leading a campaign to get the Ohio legislature to formally recognize native Ohioan and first African American to play Major League Baseball, Moses “Fleetwood” Walker. Mr. Brown would like the legislature to name October 7 in honor of Mr. Walker.


The meeting was closed and adjourned at 8:09 PM.


January 2017 Club Meeting

17 January 2017

Guernsey County Republican Club Meeting Minutes

7:07 PM – President Robert Morris called the meeting to order, he welcomed everyone to the first meeting of the New Year. Nancy Umberger delivered the invocation and President Morris lead everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.

The club was then introduced to the 2017 officers: President Morris resumed his role, Vice-President Sheila Cochran also returned, Nelson Roe was introduced as Treasurer, and Michael Segrest as Secretary.

Treasurer Roe then delivered his report of his first review of the finances and outlined some action items of which the club needed to be made aware. Most notably that club dues were once again owed and the status of the 2017 scholarship fund.

Secretary Segrest thereupon spoke briefly about the officer’s suggestion that the reading of the minutes at the outset of each meeting be waived, and that members be directed to other sources, if they wish to read them. The motion to accept the minutes and waive the reading in perpetuity was made by Gayle Heinton and seconded by Executive Committee Vice Chair Darrel Fawcett. The motion passed unanimously at 7:13 PM.

Elected Officials in attendance were then invited to speak:

County Commissioner Skip Gardner said the county was still working to finish the budget and that was the primary focus, of the moment. He mentioned he was looking forward to the promise of growth in the county and the region, associated with the oil and gas industry. Finally, that this was the most turnover in new officials that the county had seen in a while and everyone was still acclimating.

Cambridge Auditor Suellen Johnson agreed that this time was focused on closing out last year and preparing to pass a budget this year.

County Auditor Tony Brown likewise agreed that the primary focus was on the budget. He also wanted members to be aware of the information available on the County Auditor website, including new maps that have been digitized.

Cambridge Mayor Tom Orr expressed a great deal of optimism for the opportunities in the downtown.

Mayor Orr then transitioned to speaking on behalf of the Central Committee and informed the club of the status of the Lincoln Day Dinner. He was also able to show the club his letter of invitation to the inauguration of President Donald Trump. The club was invited to look at the letter.

At an appropriate pause in the conversation, Commissioner Gardner made the club aware that long time member, Jack Farley had passed away in assisted living.

President Morris was then able to attend to a few outstanding matters of club business. It was decided that the club would plan to have a meeting in February, as the date for the Lincoln Day Dinner had not yet been set. It was also decided that the club would hold no official get together for the inauguration, as time had gotten short and schedules busy. The need for new club business cards was brought up and President Morris directed Secretary Segrest to develop a proof for club review. Treasurer Roe and Secretary Segrest were also given permission to develop a mock of a new website layout for the club website. President Morris concluded by introducing a poem about President Elect Trump, which was then read by President Morris, Treasurer Roe, and Secretary Segrest.

In lieu of a speaker, a club discussion was held about the state of the Ohio GOP and the new Chair of the state party. The conversation was generally very hopeful and that sentiment continued as the discussion drifted to the state the local party and how well positioned we are to continue doing good work.

The meeting closed and was adjourned at 8:09PM.

Guernsey Republican Club Meeting Minutes of December 13, 2016

Guernsey Republican Club Meeting Minutes of December 13, 2016 President Robert Morris opened the meeting with a welcome and invocation. Mayor Tom Orr led the pledge to the flag.  This being the club’s annual Christmas Party, a brief recess allowed members to enjoy dinner provided by Mr. Lee’s restaurant. The meeting resumed and the minutes […]

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Republican Club Meeting on November 15, 2016

Republican Club Meeting on November 15, 2016 President Robert Morris opened the meeting by asking Vice President Sheila Cochran to give the invocation.  All then stood and said the pledge to the American Flag. The minutes for the October meeting were read.  A motion by Robert Heinton and seconded by Skip Gardner was made to […]

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Republican Club Meeting On October 18, 2016

President Robert Morris welcomed everyone to the meeting.  Dave Wilson gave the invocation and then the group said the pledge to the American Flag.  The long minutes for the August 16 meeting were read.  Ed Freeze moved to accept the minutes, and Tom Orr seconded the motion.  The minutes were approved. Gayle Heinton presented the […]

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Breakfast with Judge Pat Fischer

Judge Pat Fischer was hosted at a Campaign breakfast in Cambridge at Mr. Lee’s Restaurant.  Friday, October 14th, 2016 Judge Fischer is a Candidate for the Ohio Supreme Court, Please support him when you vote November 8.  Judge Pat Fischer is “the real thing”!  One of his many outstanding merits is to “follow the law and […]

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Pictures with “The Donald”

Here are a few pictures with “The Donald”  taken at the Fair and at our Headquarters.  

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Breakfast With Joel Blue

On Friday September 30, 2016 we held a well attended “Breakfast with Joel Blue” Candidate for Guernsey County Prosecutor. The breakfast was by many local elected officials and people from around Guernsey County.

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Headquarters is now Reopened

Our Headquarters is now open at 511 Wheeling Ave. Cambridge. This is the same location as the last 2 years. Plans for now are to be open Monday to Fridays 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. We will have it open for longer hours and more days as volunteers become available. We hope that you will stop by for signs […]

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